James River Regional Basketball Tournament is Cancelled

Special Olympics Virginia has notified us that the James River Regional Basketball Tournament is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

“The safety of our athletes and volunteers is our main priority.  We will not be rescheduling the tournament.  We apologize for any inconvenience.” 

Bowling is Cancelled for Friday, February 27th

As per policy, when schools are closed, SOVA activities are also closed to ensure the safety of our Athletes. Schools are closed because there are many areas still with snow and/or ice, making travel in some areas unsafe. For that reason bowling is cancelled this Friday, February 27th. If you have any questions, please call Michelle at 335-6633.

Have a great and safe weekend!

Area 6 Softball Assessments Sunday March 1 and March 8

Due to inclement weather and conflicts with other sports, softball registration will be handled differently than in the past. If you played Area 6 Softball in the last two years you need not attend assessments.  However, you must notify Karin Koch at SOVA.Chesterfield@verizon.net or  by calling (804) 744-9666 PRIOR TO March 10. You may not be placed on a team if you have played in the last two years and don’t notify Karin Koch or if you do not attend assessments. You must attend assessments on March 1 or 8 to be placed on a team if you haven’t played with Area 6 Softball in the last two years.

Assessments and practices are held at Bensely Park, 7321 Bensley Park Blvd, North Chesterfield, VA starting at 1pm on Sundays until May 31. June 7 at 1pm will be the annual softball end of season KickBall Tournament.

Blessed Sacrament Powhatan Basketball Competition Rescheduled for Saturday, March 21

The Blessed Sacrament Powhatan Basketball Competition has reschedled for Saturday, March 21. We hope to see you there!

2015 Special Olympics Wintergreen Alpine Special Invitational

2015 Special Olympics Wintergreen Alpine Special Invitational was held February 9 and 10 at Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen, VA. The Alpine Competition event was organized by Area 2 volunteer Dr. Ben Carey and SOVA’s Debbie Apperson, who is the Southeast Region Director for SOVA. Below are Area 6 Athletes and Coaches who took part in the  competition.

Alpine Skiing Group from Area 6

Alpine Skiing Group from Area 6

Left to Right: Kneeling: Cathy Pitts, Lily Kuhn, Tyler Pitts, Nate Smith, Coach Kristin Barsby; Middle Row: Chaperone Donna Sawyer, Head Coach Robin McClaine; Top Row: Reid Eaton, Coach Maria Schisa, Jacob Bennet, and Dr. David Myers, Superintendent, New Kent County Public Schools.

Powhatan Basketball Competition Saturday, February 14, 2015

If you are playing in the Powhatan Basketball Competition this Saturday, February 14, 2015, please be sure to arrive by 9 am at Powhatan High School. We will have the Opening Ceremony then promptly start games. Games will be finished  by 2 pm.

A lunch of a hot dog, chips, cookie,  sliced apples, and a drink will be provided by the Knights of Columbus. The coaches will have the required tickets for all players, partners and coaches for their lunches. Coaches will receive lunch tickets when they pick up their registration packets. Spectators may purchase food at the concession stand. Ribbons will be given at the Awards Ceremony.

Coaches should have an Athlete selected to participate in the opening exercises and let Harry and Jayne know who it will be upon arrival.

Please register then go directly to the gym for the Opening Ceremony so we can start on time.  Majorie Loya will conduct a coaches and volunteer meeting immediately following the Opening Ceremony.

Olympic town will be available in the cafeteria all day.

If you have questions, contact your Local Area coordinator.

Play hard and have fun! Have a great time!!

O.B. Gates Elementary School Does it Again…. For Area 6!

In support of Special Olympics Area 6, O.B. Gates Elementary holds monthly fundraisers. The fundraiser for January was ‘Mustache Day’ and they raised $525 for Area 6. Each person that donated a dollar received a mustache to wear for the day. Many students joined the faculty in wearing mustaches in support of Special Olympics.  Thank you O.B. Gates, students, teachers, all staff and expecially Principal Nina (Giuliana) Brink for supporting your local Special Olympics Area 6!

OBGates-150129-Mustache-Day-Class-And-Donation-Jar OBGates-150129-Mustache-Day-Class-with-Teacher OBGates-150129-Mustache-Day-Faculty OBGates-150129-Mustache-Day-Students-01 OBGates-150129-Mustache-Day-Students-and-Teachers-1

A Great Time was Had at Our First Basketball Competition of 2015!

Area 6′s first Basketball Competition of 2015 was held Sunday, January 25 at Goochland High School. All our basketball Athletes, their families and fans had a great time!


Opening Ceremony



Some of our Skills Athletes


Some Half-Court Teams



Some Full-Court Teams

Full-Court-Team-ShotsOlympic Town – Athletes and Volunteers

150125-Olympic-Town-00947 Referees-0649 Referees and Volunteer Score Keepers


Registering for the 2015 Polar Plunge to Benefit SOVA Area 6

We hope you will have a great time plunging with Area 6 and helping us raise funds for the athletic and social opportunities we provide to all our Area Athletes.

Go to www.PolarPlunge.com and select VA BEACH for the Event Location.


On the next page select Register. The next page will give you the option of Registering or Logging in. If you have already registered this year, you can login on this page to go to your home page. This is a different program from last year so you will need a new login and password for this system.

To register so that your fund raising goes to Area 6, first select ‘Join a Team.’ On the page enter “Area 6 On Ice” in the Team Name field, and Tracy (Captain’s First Name) and Cade (Captain’s Last Name). Polar-Plunge-07-Select-Team-Individual-Registration

Polar-Plunge-08-Input-Program-Associated-WithPlease understand if you want the funds to go to Area 6 you must join our team “Area 6 On Ice” OR be sure to select “Area 6″ as the Area you are supporting when prompted.

When joining our team, press the search button. Select a team to join. “Area 6 on Ice” should be the only choice shown. After you select the team, press Next. Note: Do n0t Login with your Facebook Login. Fill out all the information in the form, name, address, etc. Create a username and password for your account (remember these to login in the future) with the new registration system. (We no longer use First Giving, this is a new fund raising site.)

Select a team to join. “Area 6 on Ice” should be the only choice shown. After you select the team, press Next. Note: Do not Login with your Facebook Login. Fill out all the information in the form, name, address, etc. Create a username and password for your account (remember these to login in the future) with the new registration system. (We no longer use First Giving, this is a new fund raising site.) Press Next.

You then pick a fund raising goal. This can be changed at a later date. If you raise at least $100 you receive a t-shirt and you can plunge. The incentives can be seen at http://www.polarplunge.com/View/Page/Incentives If you want to make a donation at this time, put it in the Donation Field. If you do not want to be contacted by SOVA, unselect the boxes under Permission Questions.

Please enter Area 6 under the “What Area progam (if any) are you associated with?  Also your gender, date of birth and age on event day. Select your T-Shirt size in case you raise $100 or more.  Leave Twitter, Law Enforcement and high school empty! (If a High School wants to plunge for Area 6, they can create their own team but must indicate Area 6 or use the Area 6 on Ice.) Champions Together Program does not go to Area 6. At this point, you can add additional registrations or select Next to continue.

You should receive a ‘Ready to Register’ screen with the information you input. Please verify that information is correct. If not, use the previous button and make corrections. Otherwise select Register me. After registering, you can enter your own plea for fund raising. Your page title will say Support with the name you used. Want to edit your page title? If you want to change it, put your prefered Title in the field below. When you are done registering, you can select View My Page or Continue Registration.

When you Continue Registration you can start your fundraising. If you want to skip this part you can select Skip This Part. You can select Start Fundraising if you want to start. If not, you can quit at this point and come back at a later date. You can add an image after you register by logging in and going to Fundraising. You will see a prompt to upload pictures or video. To see your page, go to Home. Your message and any images loaded should appear. To login to your home page at a future time, go to www.polarplunge.com, select Virginia Beach and select Register.

On the next screen you can login using the username and password you set up. If you have any questions you can email or call Tracy Cade 804-314-2144. To Donate to a friend, family member or Athlete that is plunging, enter www.PolarPlunge.com and select “Find a Plunger” from the main page.  Now, send out the link to your Fundraising page to take prespective donars directly to your page. Good Luck!


OB Gates Elementary in Chesterfield – Champions for Area 6 Athletes

The staff at OB Gates Elementary get into the spirit of "Pay to Play"

The staff at OB Gates Elementary get into the spirit of “Pay to Play”

For this school year, OB Gates Elementary School students and staff are presented with a monthly challenge “pay to play”. Students and staff alike are encouraged to pay $1.00 to be donated to Area 6 Special Olympics, for unique privilages each month.  In September the $1.00 donated provided a day to dress as a Pirate or Princess. In October the donations provided a day to dress as your favorite book character. Novembers treat was to wear your camo or tutus or both.  For December it will be a school wide Polar Express event.  Everyone is invited to wear their PJ’s to school and donate their $1.00 to Area 6.

Students and staff dressed for Pirates and Princesses "Pay to Play" day.

Students and staff dressed for Pirates and Princesses “Pay to Play” day.

O.B. Gates Elementary will continue to fund raise for Special Olympics Virginia Area 6 throughout the school year. They are already working on a special fund raiser, a 5K Run/Walk, that is planned for April 18, 2015 More information will come as we get closer to the date.

Along with their fundraising efforts annually, and as part of National Inclusive Schools Week, O.B. Gates continues to take the opportunity to celebrate all differences in our school and community.  They had school wide events throughout the week, including Disabilities Awareness Workshops with “hands on” stations. With these stations the student population experienced and better understands a variety of disabilities including visual impairment, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and motor impairment, etc.

Students performing their special rap of "Spread the Word to End the Word"

Students performing their special rap of “Spread the Word to End the Word”

The culminating event was a  school wide performance prepared not only as part of National Inclusive School week but as an effort to continue their commitment to support Project Unify and Spread the Word to End the Word campaigns through Special Olympics International.  As part of the performance, students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities, along with their “Best Buddies,” and the Early Childhood students and their “Mini Buddies,” delivered a collaborative musical number.  Select 5th grade students and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students also performed using sign language to accompany their singing performance.

As a special treat, the OB Gates school anthem “Spread the Word” Rap, an original rap song for the school was rousingly delivered by OB Gates staff.  Below is a link of the music video produced by Special Olympics Virginia showcasing the “Spread the Word” rap that was filmed at the school with 4th graders in 2012.

Published on Mar 16, 2012

“Gates Elementary created a music video featuring students performing an original rap set to music by J. Plunky Branch. Spread the Word to End the Word is an ongoing effort by Special Olympics to raise awareness about the hurtful effects of the word “retarded” and to encourage people to pledge to stop using the R-word.This video is part of Gates Elementary’s yearlong participation in Project Unify, which is designed to promote acceptance and awareness of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Also, attached at the bottom of this email is the music file of the Spread the Word Rap.  It was composed and produced by a local rap singer J Plunky Branch who lives in Richmond.  Last year, our students personally designed labels to attach to 1,000 copies which where distributed at the 2013 Special Olympics Winter World Games.”