Registration for Fall Sports is Now Open!

Registration for Special Olympics fall sports in Chesterfield County is now open.  Click on the links below or to the right to register for the following:
Soccer Team Practice  (begins September 3)
Volleyball Team Practice  (begins September 7)
Roller Skating Training  (begins September 15) – Registration is open for athletes not attending Chesterfield Schools
To register for the following Special Olympics Chesterfield Community fall sports programs, contact Karin Koch by email at
To register for fall sports in other Area 6 locals, please contact your local coordinator.

Bedford Moose Softball Tournament for Special Olympics

IMG_3723-Joe-Cook-Pitching-for-Tigers IMG_3726-Joe-Running-to-First-Base-to-get-Out IMG_3733-Cathy-Cook-at-Third-Base-with-RunnerOur weekend at Bedford was cut short, but we had a great time while it lasted! Sunday’s games were rained out, so we had the medal awarding ceremony at 9am Sunday morning before everyone headed home. Here are some of the results for Area 6.

We would like to thank the Bedford Moose Lodge along with all the other Bedford resources that volunteered and provided everything for this wonderful event.

If you have better pictures or pictures that are missing from here, please send them to

(Please feel free to send any pictures and/or stories you would like considered for postiong on this website to this same email address. Pictures and stories will be considered if they are relevant to Area 6 activities and events. Be sure to include the name and date of the event. For Example; ‘Bedford Moose Softball Tournament, April 29-May 1, 2016.’)


Chesterfield Mavericks 2nd Place Medals

Salem Barracudas 2nd Place Awards


3rd Place Medals


Chesterfield Wildcats 3rd Place Medals


Chesterfield Blaze 4th Place Medals

Chesterfield Tigers 4th Place Awards

Thank you CAL – Chesterfield Aquatic League for Your Support!


Chesterfield Aquatic League has named Special Olympics Area 6 as the recipient of their fundraising efforts for the next two years! Funds will be specifically earmarked for the Chesterfield Community aquatics and swim skills programs. This, of course, frees up funds for other sports, so all Area 6 athletes benefit. Thanks to Michael Marretti and Karin Koch for speaking to the group, and especially to Global Messenger Nick Zweerink who gave an amazing first speech!

Chesterfield Softball Practice will start on April 3. Teams have been Set.

There will be no practice on Easter Sunday, March 27. We will therefore start practice on April 3.

For everyone playing, please inform Karin Koch of your availability to play the tournamnets on April 30-May 1 (Bedford Tournament), May 15 (Bensley), May 22 (Powhattan), and June 5 (Area 31).

Having Fun at the 2012 SOVA State Games

Having Fun at the 2012 SOVA State Games

Chesterfield Athletics (Track and Field) begins Monday, March 21. Register Now!

Chesterfield Athletics (Track and Field) starts Monday March 21, 2016 at 6pm. Practices will be held on Mondays at 6pm until June 6th except for School Holidays. Check the calendar for dates. More information is available here:

Select here for the Registration Form

Area 6 Awards and Powhatan Basketball Tournament

A great time was had at the Special Olympics Area 6 Basketball Tournament at Powhatan! Not only were many SOVA Area 6 Awards handed out, but Crystal Fowler was presented with her Special Olympics Virginia Athlete of the Year Award at the Opening Ceremonies.


Upcoming Dates for SOVA Area 6… Don’t Miss Them!

Check the Calendar or Click on the Event Below for more information.

February 20 – Saturday – Area 6 Powhatan Basketball Competition at Powhatan High School.

February 27 – Saturday – RVA Plunge Winter Fest, The Shops at Willow Lawn Feb. 27, 2016, at a new location, The Shops at Willow Lawn. When you sign up, be sure to select team Area 6 on Ice to support your local area.

February 28 – Sunday – James River Regional Basketball Tournament at St. Christopher’s School.

March 6 – Sundays – Chesterfield Community Softball begins at Bensley Park at 1pm.

March 7 – Mondays – Goochland Swimming starts at the Goochland YMCA at 3:30pm.

March 10 – Thursdays – Area 6 Tennis begins at Huguenot Park Tennis Courts at 6pm.

March 21 – Mondays – Chesterfield Athletics begins at Swift Creek Middle School at 6pm.

April 24 – Sunday – James River Regional Swim Meet at the GRAP (Greater RIchmond Aquatics Partnership)

April 29 – Friday – Area 6 Summer Games – Track, Field and Tennis at LC Bird High School.

April 30 – May 1 – Saturday and Sunday – James River Regional Softball Tournament at Bedford VA sponsored by the Bedford Moose Lodge. Chesterfield Athletes, partners and coaches leave Friday night, April 29.

May 15 – Sunday – SOVA Area 6 Swim Meet at GRAP (Greater Richmond Aquatics Partnership)

May 20 -22 – Friday through Sunday – SOVA Appreciation Weekend at the 2016 Powhatan County Fair. More information to come.

May 22 – SOVA Area 6 Powhatan Softball Tournment.

June 10-11 SOVA Summer Games at University of Richmond and satellite venues.

A Great Time was had at the Polar Plunge in VA Beach!


Most of our Plungers for 2016!

This year, Special Olympics Virginia Polar Plunge was held a brand new host location – the Hilton Oceanfront Hotel. The Ocean Plunge was February 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM.

Thank you to all who plunged, raised money and/or donated!

After registration was complete, the day started for some of our plungers with the Costume Parade. Joining our plungers was our youngest plunger, Khloe Taylor. Khloe was a real star, waving and smiling at the parade watchers.

The parade began down the boardwalk and ended inside the heated tent on the beach by the Hilton.


Ready for the Costume Parade wih our Polar Plunge Queen Tracy Cade.


Khloe Taylor Waving to her ‘Fans’!


Walking the Parade Route

Athletes waited in a heated tent for their plunge to start. They plunged to the side of the crowd and started 5 minutes earlier than the crowd.


Athletes waiting in the Warming Tent for the Plunge to Start


Sidney Jones Hunter, David Witt and Khloe Taylor waiting to Plunge


The Shores/Cade family Waiting to Plunge








Kenny Cade is hoiding our youngest plunger, his granddaughter Khloe. Khloe, her mom Michelle Shores and grandfather plunged in support of Tony Shores, her uncle.


Khloe Taylor and her mom Michelle Shores Heading Down to the Plunge and Plunging


Kenny Cade Heading to the Plunge with Tony Shores and Will and Travis (behind Kenny) Hunter


Vinny, Paul Marretti and Lily Kuhn Heading into the Water


Sidney Jones, Ready to Get Wet.

160206-Plunge-Leaving-the-Water-01-Tony-Shores-and-Kenny-Cade 160206-Plunge-Leaving-the-water-02-Vinny-and-Paul-Marretti-Coming-Out 160206-Plunge-Leaving-the-Water-03-Hunter-Travis 160206-Plunge-Leaving-the-Water-04-OB-Gates-Girls













Rollerskating Competition at SOVA Fall Champs

Photographs courtesy of

Christopher Worsham Geoffrey Baskerville start line-600

Christopher Worsham and Geoffrey Baskerville at the Start Line






Join Us in Congratulating Nick Zweerink, a Global Messenger for SOVA

2016-Nick_ZweerinkPlease join us in congratulating Nick Zweerink for being selected as a Global Messenager for Special Olympics, Virginia. Nick is an active Athlete with SOVA Area 6. He participates in Basketball, Soccer and Swimming and was a USA Games competitor in 2014.

Select here to view Nick’s bio from the SOVA website.

Congratulations Nick!

Global Messengers are Special Olympics Virginia Athletes who help spread the message and vision of the movement as well as the benefts gained by participation in Special Olympics.  Global Messengers deliver a powerful message of respect, inclusion, unity and attitudinal change.